Rubin was born and bred in the very North of Germany. He is particulary active in the field of House and Electronic music having mixed his first as early as 1997. It didn’t take much longer until he gained first experiences in clubs and bars. Ever since he is known for his jiggy and electronicly inspired House music. Thanks to his year-long exposure he is now a household name in the field of electronic music. His musical style is carefully shaped by the sounds of his own youth.


He has toured various clubs in Germany and Denmark. Friends introduced Rubin to “Die Apotheka” and it instantly felt like perfect chemnistry. This was the moment when the name Rubin became official.


He knows well how to build a harmonious set guaranteed to rock every dancefloor. Included here are loads of individual bright and hard tones, always holding their very own value of recognition. Whether it’s current tunes or classics, Rubins sets will lead through a perfect night of partying, promise!